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What Should You Look for in a Scientific Recruiting Firm?

If you want to start or maintain a rewarding career in any scientific field, partnering with a top-notch recruiting company is a smart call. While you may enjoy some success looking for a new position on your own, staffing agencies offer significant benefits to scientific professionals, wherever they are in their careers. Not all employment firms are created equal, however, so finding the best needs to be your goal.

With a successful career in mind, here are some ideas on what to look for when searching for a scientific recruiting firm.

A Respected Position in Their Community

Make sure you fully research potential staffing agencies in the region where you want to work and live. Any recruiting firm must fully understand what makes the local scientific employment scene tick. If you are interested in finding a job in Boston, a West Coast staffing firm who just opened up an office in the Northeast probably isn’t your best option.

Try to find a recruiting company that’s been in business in that area for at least five years; even longer is better!

An Active Social Media Presence

Recruiting companies able to leverage professional social media networks — most notably LinkedIn — prove they have what it takes to get noticed in the modern economy. Check out any postings about their clients. Maybe a company you are interested in interviewing with is mentioned?

Talk to your LinkedIn connections in the industry to see if they are able to give you any insight on the best staffing agencies in your area. After getting a list of potential companies, perform your own research before sending in a résumé.

Flexibility in Job Assignments

The top scientific staffing agencies offer a variety of assignments with the top technology companies in their area — including both permanent and temporary contracts. This gives you some flexibility to test out an employer’s company culture before accepting a permanent position, or even add a new skill to your CV.

Focused on Scientific and Technical Disciplines

A recruiting firm focused on the scientific and technical disciplines offers you a great chance at a rewarding position compared to a general staffing agency. They understand how your skills match the needs of an employer. The best companies in the scientific field only work with agencies they trust, so it is important to choose wisely when it comes to recruiting firms.

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