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Three Reasons You Should Take an IT Recruiter’s Call

No matter your current job situation, contact from an Information Technology recruiter should be considered a good thing, and a sign you are in demand within the industry. Maybe you are too busy working on a project to take their call this very minute, but make it a point to return their query as soon as possible. Whatever their ultimate reason for contacting you, it stands to benefit your career to listen to what any recruiter has to say.

What follows is a closer look at three good reasons you need to take that call. Let’s check them out.

A Robust Professional Network Helps Grow a Rewarding IT Career

At the minimum, consider any contact from a technology recruiter as a chance to grow your professional network. Even if you are content in your current position, the IT world changes at a rapid pace. When it comes time to look for a new position, a large professional network, including relationships with a variety of recruiters, makes finding a new job an easier process.

So, even if you aren’t interested in interviewing for another position, exchanging contact info with the recruiter is the smart call, wherever you stand in your career.

An Opportunity to Develop a New Technology Skill?

The best IT recruiters foster relationships with a variety of interesting companies — many of whom don’t publicize their open positions. A chance to develop a new skill, soon to be in-demand, may wait at the other end of the phone.

It rarely hurts to listen to a recruiter’s pitch. In fact, it may be the best thing for your career.

A Lifelong Partnership With an IT Recruiter Pays Dividends Over the Long Haul

Any contact from a technology recruiter could lead to a partnership with the potential to pay off over your entire career. A recruiter who fully understands your range of technical abilities as well as your life goals helps to connect you with a company giving you the best chance to grow professionally. You won’t be placed at an organization that makes a poor cultural fit.

These are just three of a myriad of reasons to gladly accept a phone call from an IT recruiter.

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