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Four Ways to Show Initiative in a New Position

So your recent job search earned you a new position and the starting date with the new company is coming up. Congratulations are in order, but now is the time to put in the effort to ensure you hit the ground running with your new employer. As the new kid on the block, expect your boss’ eyes to be trained on your performance during the first few weeks on the job.

What steps can you take to show initiative when first starting out at a new job? Here are a few ideas worth checking out.

After Accepting the Job Offer, Ask for Current Project Documentation

Spend the time between accepting the job offer and your start date getting up to speed on your new employer’s current project work. Ask for any project documentation and make the effort to review the materials in detail. Additionally, if your new company uses any different technology tools or development frameworks, make sure you get fully up to speed before your first day.

This is a great way to show the kind of initiative employers want from new hires.

Pay Attention to Any Opportunities for Process Improvement

If you notice anything needing improvement at your new company — whether practices or procedures — don’t be shy about suggesting improvements. Be sure to use tact when approaching your bosses, so you don’t step on any toes. Any supporting documentation proving the efficacy of your new ideas helps when presenting it to your co-workers.

Fully Research Your Company’s Business Climate

A complete understanding of your new employer’s business environment is a great way to stand out from the pack. Any business appreciates the technical abilities of their staff, but those workers able to combine technology skills with business acumen are worth their weight in gold. Gaining deep knowledge of the business before your first day is a smart call.

Display a Positive and Confident Attitude From Day One

Carrying yourself with a positive and confident air is a must from your first day on the job moving forward. Making sure you never let your confidence become arrogance is another key point. Your co-workers need to understand you are there to help your company succeed — not beat them out for a promotion or a plum assignment.

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