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Five Ways to Market Yourself Successfully

When embarking on a job search, you need to wear many hats, including that of a sales or marketing professional. This basic rule doesn’t change even if you work in one of the scientific or information technology fields. No matter what your technical skill set or positive work experiences, if you don’t properly market yourself, searching for a new position becomes a more difficult process.

Successful marketing techniques need to be in the toolbox of any professional. With that in mind, here are five tips on how to market yourself when looking for a new job or at anytime in your career.

An Online Presence Is a Must

Keeping your LinkedIn account up to date is a must even when you are happy in your current position. In addition to serving as your online résumé, the preeminent social network for professionals also offers you a platform to discuss your most notable achievements at the workplace. It’s a great way to position yourself as a thought leader in your field, which definitely helps when it comes time to look for a new position.

Network at Professional Events in Your Area

Always make the effort to attend any conferences, user group meetings, and other professional events in your area. This is a great opportunity to press the flesh and grow a robust professional network. If you are comfortable with public speaking, consider making a presentation to raise your industry profile even higher.

Make Sure Your Résumé is Top-Notch

The fact that many hiring managers vet potentially hundreds of résumés for an open position means your CV needs to stand out from the pack. Get a professional’s help in authoring a top-notch résumé so you have a better chance of being called in for an interview. Be sure to update your LinkedIn profile to match the paper version of your résumé.

Build Your Personal Brand

Go beyond a LinkedIn account by building your own online brand. Get a domain name, install WordPress or any other CMS, and start writing articles focused on your professional interests. When it comes time to apply to speak at a conference or seminar — or even a new job — a strong professional brand helps you get in the door.

Partner With a Leading Technical Staffing Agency

A career-long partnership with a top staffing agency in your area is a smart call when marketing yourself. Experienced recruiters can offer the right advice for job hunting, résumé writing and building your professional brand.

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