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Five Tips for Connecting With Your New Boss

Whenever you are starting a new job, quickly connecting with your new boss is a must. Understanding their expectations helps tailor your efforts towards becoming a productive member of the team. If your position is with a new employer, a whole other set of issues apply, such as meeting with HR and learning a new commute.

With a successful start to a new role in mind, here are five tips for connecting with your new boss.

Prepare for Your First Day

Treat your first day working for a new boss like a job interview. Prepare by going over any materials for the projects you will be working on. Come up with a few talking points to discuss with your boss whenever you meet together.

An Early One-on-One Meeting is a Must

If your boss doesn’t take the first step, invite them to a one-one-one meeting, either for lunch or at the office. This allows for a captive audience to ask questions about their expectations for your role. Developing a set of three-month, six-month, and one-year goals during this meeting helps to get you on the right track.

Show Enthusiasm

Make it a point to be enthusiastic when working for a new boss. This includes speaking up during meetings and offering timely advice whenever problems arise. Keeping a cheerful, yet professional demeanor goes a long way in ensuring you’ll connect with your boss and new co-workers.

Pitch in When and Where Help Is Needed

Pitch in on assignments outside of your normal responsibilities when your experiences and knowledge let you add value. Try to help out without stepping on any toes, however. Your boss will appreciate you going the extra mile in ensuring the success of the company as a whole.

Regular Status Updates Are a Must

Communicate status updates to your boss on a regular basis. This can be accomplished using reports sent through email or delivered during face-to-face meetings. Nearly all bosses appreciate being kept informed in a timely fashion, so applying some extra effort when creating work reports definitely helps your reputation in the office.

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