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What Soft Skills Do Employers Look for When Hiring?

When it comes time to begin a job search in the scientific and technology fields, your technical abilities play a large role in getting you an interview and ultimately a job offer. On the other hand, if a hiring manager is choosing between two candidates with similar abilities and experience, expect soft skills to be the deciding factor in most cases. You need to bring these skills to the table on your job hunt.

So what soft skills are in demand among employers in the STEM disciplines? Let’s take a closer look to see what abilities — other than your technical acumen — you need to advertise when on a job hunt.

Technical Humility Makes You a Team Player

If your technical skills are top-notch, displaying them with a measure of humility makes you a team player in any situation. Companies want employees who make everyone around them better workers, so make it a point to take on a mentorship role when you understand a new technology unfamiliar to your co-workers. Arrogance never gets you very far in your career, no matter the industry.

Business Acumen Nicely Compliments Technology Knowledge

Understanding the principles of business is arguably the most important soft skill for any technical employee to possess. Business drives technology decisions at most firms, not the other way around. If you are considering getting an advanced degree, an MBA is a great compliment to a technical education; if your company offers tuition reimbursement, explore this opportunity sooner than later.

Creativity and Innovation Helps All Businesses

Nearly all businesses look for creativity and innovative ideas from their employees. It may be an idea to improve an internal process, or a new algorithm design for an important piece of software. The best companies are open to new ideas and highly value workers with the spark of creativity.

Taking Leadership Initiative

Showing leadership and initiative when a situation calls for it remains a great way to get noticed by management. When interviewing for a position, make it a point to highlight any leadership experiences in your career — whether or not you’ve held a managerial title. Most firms prefer to promote from within, so they are on the lookout for candidates with leadership potential.

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