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The Fine Line Between a Fun Company Culture and Wasting Time

There’s no denying that a welcoming corporate culture plays a large role in attracting the top technology talent — especially those of the millennial generation. On the other hand, does too much fun time at the office ultimately lead to an overall loss in operational efficiency? This line between keeping your employees’ noses to the grindstone and letting them blow off steam is a fine one.

With the best of both worlds in mind, let’s take closer look at building an office that’s both productive and a fun place to work.

Leverage Fun Company Activities as a Reward

Using company outings or other activities as a reward for either a successful project completion or meeting another set of goals or milestones is a smart plan. It helps develop a positive company culture while keeping your staff focused on their daily efforts. Your employees now know to do the required work when the next big project arrives on their docket.

While scheduling regular corporate activities helps create a fun workplace, they should also offer benefits to your organization. Developing teamwork and camaraderie amongst your staff becomes an added bonus depending on the type of activity scheduled. Consider a variety of retreats or team-building exercises as a way to build both a great company culture and a hardworking, productive team.

Other Ways to Build Corporate Culture Without Siphoning Productivity

Thankfully, other opportunities exist for building a positive company culture with little adverse impact to your office’s productivity. Even something as simple as providing free snacks and soft drinks to your staff engenders goodwill without breaking your firm’s budget. Consider providing lunch one Friday per month or even invite some of the popular food trucks in your area to set up shop in your parking lot once a week.

Generosity when it comes to yearly bonuses also helps to build loyalty among your staff. Tying those bonuses to overall company performance also offers an incentive to enhance overall productivity. Additionally, make sure your company provides compensation packages that are above average for your region.

Hopefully, these easy-to-implement ideas help your organization develop a company culture known for both fun and productivity.

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