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First Time Working With a Recruiter? Here’s What You Need to Know.

A knowledgeable recruiter offers many advantages to the job seeker, especially in the fast-paced technology and scientific industries. A career-long partnership with a recruiter or staffing agency makes a lot of sense for both experienced workers and those fresh out of school. They understand the marketplace as well as what technologies are in demand at the best companies.

If this is your first meeting with a recruiter, don’t get overly stressed out. That doesn’t mean you should arrive unprepared, though. Here are some ideas for how to get ready for working with a recruiter for the first time.

Prepare for Your First Meeting Like It’s a Job Interview

Spare no effort when preparing for your first meeting with a recruiter. Consider the meeting essentially as a dress rehearsal for an actual interview.  Take the time to review your professional and educational background, as you can expect to go over this information in detail during your meeting.

Obviously, bring your résumé, as the recruiter will know the latest techniques to make it more attractive to hiring managers. Make sure you dress professionally and pay extra attention to your grooming. This extra prep work helps when the real interviewing process starts.

Always Remain Honest, Forthright, and Professional

It is important to never lie or deceive when working with a recruiter. They are putting their reputation on the line (as well as the staffing agency’s), so if an interested company finds discrepancies in your work history when performing a background check, it reflects poorly on everyone. Carry a professional air at all times.

Understand the Recruiter Works for the Company With an Open Position

Take care to understand the relationship between you, the recruiter/staffing agency, and the company looking to hire. The recruiter and their staffing agency are being compensated by the company with an open position.

Don’t get frustrated if you don’t hear from them on a daily basis about a position you want, as maybe the company in question found someone who is a better fit. If a recruiter bombards a firm with résumés of unqualified candidates, they risk their own relationship with that company. Don’t take things personally and stay patient, as a good fit for you will be found.

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