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Eleven STEM Podcasts You Should Listen To

Podcasts continue to be great source of relevant information whatever the subject matter. In the world of STEM, there are a variety of relevant shows you need to add to your listening schedule. Good ideas and professional insights to benefit your career are only some of what you stand to gain from checking out these STEM podcasts.

While many are focused on STEM education, it is important to note that a STEM professional’s education never stops.

RESA.NET STEM Podcast Collection

The RESA.NET website offers a full collection of STEM-related podcasts, covering mostly educational topics, but there are some business-related podcasts mixed in.

Microbe World

If your STEM discipline focuses on microbiology, the Microbe World podcast needs to be on your short list. Expect a few new stories every week covering a wide range of topics — everything from Zika to the latest in medical research.

Star Talk Radio

Neil Degrasse Tyson is arguably the most popular scientist in the industry. As such, his podcast, Star Talk Radio, is a must listen for anyone with an interest in astronomy and other science-based topics.

5136 Miles of Mathematics

There’s no denying the importance of mathematics throughout the STEM community. This podcast covers everything math-related — from solving the Rubik’s Cube to learning how to write software.

The Engineering Commons

Those of you wanting a podcast created by engineers for engineers need to check out The Engineering Commons. Expect practical insights on a wide range of topics of interest to professional engineers.

NASA ScienceCasts

NASA’s own podcast — ScienceCasts — covers a host of space-oriented subjects, leveraging material discovered during the agency’s missions. The fact they are video podcasts is all the better!

Software Engineering Radio

Those of you who write code for a living need to check out Software Engineering Radio. This podcast covers items of interest to programmers no matter their language of choice.

This Week in Science

A podcast providing a general overview of the science world, This Week in Science belongs in every STEM professional’s listening schedule.

Engines of Our Ingenuity

Featuring a historical take on science and its impacts on art, music, and literature, Engines of Our Ingenuity is one of the most interesting STEM podcasts currently available.

MIT’s Labcast

Labcast, produced by MIT, is a video podcast focusing on the cutting edge of future tech. Expect topics of interest for both STEM professionals and educators.

CISCO Technology Series

CISCO’s Technology Series podcast offers many practical insights for the IT professional. Cloud computing, mobility, and data center security are just some of the subjects covered.

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