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How to Prepare for a Technical Job Interview — Nine Tips

Congratulations on your upcoming technical job interview. Your résumé caught the eye of the HR manager and your candidacy stands a great chance of earning you an offer. Now it’s time to burn the midnight oil preparing for an exemplary interview performance.

With success in mind, here are nine quick tips to help you prepare for a job interview in the technology world. Good luck!

Research the company

Spend some time researching the company in question so you are able to answer meaningful questions when asked. The shows the interviewer you spent time in preparation.

Review your own professional history

In a similar fashion, be sure to review–in detail–your professional background. Be prepared to answer questions on how you made a tangible difference for previous employers.

Study the technologies in your work history

You can expect technical questions about the tools and software used in your career. Go over any current technologies important to your previous success.

Talk to anyone who interviewed with the company previously

If you have any trusted connections who interviewed with the company in question, pick their brains for any additional insights and tips on what to look for when interviewing.

Interview practice is a must

Practice your interview with a good friend (hopefully with technology experience) or your recruiter. This helps to ensure a better performance during the interview.

Get a good night’s sleep

Don’t skimp on your sleep schedule the night before the interview. You want to be bright-eyed and ready for a great performance.

Spend extra time with your hygiene

Take a shower the morning of the interview and spend a little extra time taking care of your appearance. You want to make a great first impression.

Dress for success

Professional dress is a must for nearly all technology job interviews, even if the company enjoys a casual dress policy. Definitely don’t under dress for the interview!

Natural eye contact and a firm handshake

When introducing yourself to the interviewer, make eye contact and give them a firm handshake.

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