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Your Career Deserves Better — Why (and How) to Update Your LinkedIn Profile

As you are probably aware, a LinkedIn profile is a must for any professional, no matter the industry. If you work anywhere in the field of technology — engineering, software development, network administration, etc. — maintaining a LinkedIn account becomes even more important. Many HR personnel typically peruse LinkedIn looking for potential candidates before publicizing an open position.

As the preeminent social networking platform for professionals, it is vital you keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why.

The Online Version of Your Technical Résumé

Treat your LinkedIn account as essentially the online version of your technology résumé. Don’t just update it when you start a new job or get promoted at your current employer. Make the effort to update it after each project, detailing the technologies you used and the tangible accomplishments you made.

HR personnel use keyword searches to find candidates suitable for their firm. Maintaining an updated account peppered with these keywords helps you get found by a potential great new employer.

LinkedIn Recommendations and Endorsements Are a Must

Writing recommendations and endorsing the technical and business abilities of your connections is a great way to get them to return the favor. These recommendations now help to attract attention to your account.

Endorsements are another reason to keep your LinkedIn account updated. Any time you learn a new language, ability, or framework, add that skill on LinkedIn. Now your connections will be able to endorse your latest ability.

Use the LinkedIn Platform to Make Yourself a Thought Leader

LinkedIn includes a publishing platform allowing you to write articles and posts detailing your professional activities. In short, it provides the means where you can position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. If you already publish your own technology-related blog, posting those articles on LinkedIn offers another way to boost your career profile.

Becoming known as a thought leader in your industry is a smart call for putting your career on the fast track to lifelong success. Remember, it all starts with a consistently updated LinkedIn account.

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