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How to Get Unstuck in Your Technical Career

A career in technology offers many benefits — a larger-than-average salary, typically interesting work, and the opportunity for growth. Another truism of the high-tech profession relates to the fact if you want to advance, your education never really stops. If you ever feel stuck in your career, with no room for development, are you making enough effort to learn the latest technologies?

Whatever the reasons your career feels stuck in first gear, the article looks at some ideas to put you back in the fast lane.

Earn a Technical Certification for Something Different

Take the time to learn a new technology by becoming certified in something outside the realm of your current skill set. If you are a software engineer well versed in SQL Server, exploring a NoSQL database like MongoDB or Neo4j is well worth your efforts. These new skills add some breadth to your résumé, while introducing you to different ways of thinking that may help out with your current work.

An Advanced Degree Helps Your Career

A master’s in a technical discipline definitely helps give your career a boost. Additionally, consider earning an MBA, as business acumen combined with a technology background is a great combination in many industries.

Be sure to take advantage of any tuition reimbursement programs offered by your company. They appreciate employees who make the extra effort to improve themselves.

Volunteer on an Open Source Project

This is a great way to expose yourself to different software architectures, programming languages, and more. You also get the opportunity to network with technology professionals in your own location or potentially all over the world. Try working in a different role compared to the usual duties with your regular job.

Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry

If you have writing skills, publish your own industry-related blog. Share the articles on your LinkedIn account and in other online communities related to your field. This is another great method for positioning your career for a new round of success.

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