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Job Interview? Six Tips For Showing Enthusiasm When You Have a Reserved Personality.

Congratulations for landing an interview with a top technology company in your area; now it’s time to prepare so you can earn that coveted job offer. If you are a shy person, interview performance is probably something keeping you awake at nights. Don’t worry, as it can be easy to show the interviewer you are the right person, even with a reserved personality.

With a successful interview in mind, here are a few tips to help you show the enthusiasm needed to get the job. Let’s check them out.

Research the Company in Question

Showing understanding of an organization’s history, mission statement, and project list shows them you are very interested in the position.

Do the Same With Your Work and Educational History

Obviously, you’ll be asked meaningful questions about your professional accomplishments and educational background. Spend some time going over this material, so it’s top of mind during the interview. Show pride in your work history!

Make Eye Contact

Make eye contact with the interviewer, but do so without staring at them. Looking down when answering questions is something to avoid.

A Firm Handshake is a Must

First impressions are very important during an interview. Make it a point to give a friendly greeting combined with a firm handshake when introducing yourself to the interviewer. This is another easy way to display your enthusiasm for the position in question.

Speak Clearly When Answering Questions

This is one of the reasons it’s a good idea to make sure your professional background and the history of the company are at the forefront of your mind. Fumbling over answers is never good during a job interview.

Practice Interviewing

Interview practice helps you handle performance anxiety. Consider working with your recruiter in this level of interview preparation. Work on speaking clearly, maintaining eye contact, and the quick recall of interview questions. Soon you’ll be starting your first day at a great new job.

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