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“It’s Not Us It’s You” — Four Signs You Have a Retention Problem and How to Correct It

With the economy on relatively solid ground, it becomes more difficult to find and hire top talent in the STEM industries. This becomes especially noticeable if your organization suffers from a retention problem – the inability to convince your best employees to stay with your firm. Adverse impacts to both your operational efficiency and your bottom line typically follow.

What are the signs you have a retention problem at your technology organization? Once you’ve determined there is an issue, what steps can you take to fix it?

Your Top Workers Seem Distracted

If your best employees seem unable to concentrate during meetings and aren’t providing the insightful comments typical of past experience, it may be a sign they are bored and possibly looking elsewhere for another opportunity.

Make sure your company provides an interesting supply of project work, while giving your staff the chance to better their skill set by offering a tuition reimbursement policy and/or allowing a few hours of self-study time each week. The best technology talent needs to be constantly challenged.

Employees Are Dressing up and Taking Long Lunches

When some of your staff are dressed nicer than usual and either taking long lunches or leaving early, it may be a sign they are interviewing for other positions. Make it a point to meet directly with the employees in question to discuss what can be changed to improve their outlook on your organization.

A Glance at Their LinkedIn Accounts Reveals Increased Activity

Make it a point to peruse your employees LinkedIn accounts on a regular basis. Whenever you notice increased activity — essentially they’ve been updating their online résumé — could be a sign it’s time to hold a one-on-one meeting to see what steps can be taken to ensure their loyalty.

The Company Grapevine Is Buzzing With News

Don’t automatically discount any information gleaned this way as gossip. It just offers you another means to retain your best workers.

In short, interesting project work, an open-door communication policy and generous benefits all combine to ensure your top workers happily stay as employees. Regularly meet with these team members to establish their trust moving forward.

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