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Don’t Wallow — How to Move Forward After a Challenging Job Interview

You feel your performance at a recent job interview simply wasn’t up to par. Maybe you had difficulty remembering some of your work experiences, or a technical question left you stumped and fumbling for words? Perhaps you were hoping to receive a job offer and the interviewer merely gave you the standard cliché: “Don’t call us. We’ll call you.”

Whatever the reasons for a poor interview performance, it is important not to wallow in the mire. Get up, brush yourself off, and put in the effort to ensure your next interview leads to a better result. Here are a few ideas on moving forward after a difficult job interview.

Follow up with the interviewer

Even if your interview performance was subpar, that’s no excuse to forego professional courtesies. Send the interviewer an email thanking them for the opportunity and stating you hope to hear from them in the future. A proper follow-up note remains a vital part of your post-interview activities no matter how things went.

Self-analysis of your interview performance is important

Take some time to go over your interview performance in detail. If you encountered difficulty explaining the tangible benefits you provided previous employers, spend some time going over your professional history — now and right before your next interview. It is vital this information is at the front of your mind on future interviews.

If you were unable to ask any meaningful questions, or if the ones you did ask didn’t lead to an interesting discussion, it’s a sign you didn’t properly research the company in question. Proper interview preparation is a must, especially in the technology industry.

Study any technical concepts related to the position so you are ready to answer any technical question that may come your way. This also relates to the technologies you’ve used previously in your career. Companies need to be assured that you know your stuff!

Practicing for your next interview helps your performance

Work with a trusted friend or your recruiter. Make it a point to work on your posture and eye contact, as well as the clarity of your voice. Take any feedback you receive to heart, and use that information to ensure your next interview performance is top notch.

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