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Seven Signs You’re Cut Out for Leadership (and How to Get Your Career on That Path)

The technology industry typically needs a robust collection of leaders able to keep a team of disparate personalities all working towards a common goal. A leadership role in the world of high-tech requires a wide range of abilities — everything from technical acumen to strong written and verbal communication skills. Of course, a measure of professional experience — usually anywhere from three to five years — is another must.

If you are interested in taking on a leadership position in your career, here is a look at seven signs you are cut out for this role.

You Stay True to Your Ideas

Being a good leader means believing in yourself and your ideas. This isn’t the same thing as being close-minded to other opinions, but trusting your own judgment is paramount when employed as an IT leader.

Setting and Reaching Your Own Goals

If you regularly set and achieve your own goals in your professional life, it’s a good sign you are ready for a leadership role. Talk to your superiors about taking on additional responsibilities at the office.

You Thrive on Innovative Ideas

The status quo is rarely appealing to you. Finding new and innovative ideas is the life blood of the high-tech industry. Keep suggesting practical innovations to your bosses and soon you will be working in a management position.

Motivating Others is Enjoyable

If you enjoy motivating your co-workers to get a project done ahead of schedule, technology leadership is probably in your blood. Don’t be shy about asking for additional responsibility at your current office.

A Competitive Spirit

Wanting to develop a better product than your company’s competition is another sign leadership. It’s obvious you enjoy analyzing other successful leaders in the industry and hope to better their record.

You Like to Communicate With Others

Leaders need to be excellent communicators; both verbally and orally. Join a local Toastmasters chapter and start your own technology blog to better hone your communication skills.

Top-Notch Observation and Analytical Skills

The best leaders see things others don’t. You spot problems before they adversely impact your company’s operations, and your analytical chops help devise a solution to put things on the right track. Continue to make a positive difference and the corner office will soon be yours.

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