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How to Decide Between Two Great Job Candidates

The hiring process for your company’s open technology position, while time-consuming, has gone great. The final decision comes down to two equally qualified candidates; both with meaningful professional experience and a broad range of technical skills. So, how do you make sure your ultimate choice is the correct one?

It’s something that gives hiring managers nightmares. Here are a few ideas on how to decide between two great IT candidates. Good luck with your final choice!

Closely Analyze Each Candidate’s Fit for the Position

Now it becomes time to get out the fine-toothed comb. Go over each candidate’s skill set and practicable work experience while comparing those attributes against what your firm needs for the open position. Get their future manager along with anyone who interviewed the candidates together for this exercise.

This exact scenario is one of the reasons companies use a point system to rank a candidate’s résumé and interview performance. Having meaningful data at the ready helps when a difficult choice needs to be made. Ultimately, one person boasting a slightly better rating in a skill that’s a must-have for the role could be the deciding factor.

Cultural Considerations Matter

If one candidate seems to make a better cultural fit with your organization, it is a valid reason for extending them a job offer when all other attributes are equal. In today’s era of Agile and DevOps, workplace collaboration is becoming more prevalent, so office culture compatibility definitely warrants consideration when it comes to a final hiring decision. It is important your final choice is someone who fits in over the long haul.

Check Each Candidate’s References

A difficult final hiring decision becomes easier after talking with every reference provided by the candidates. Any kernel of information weaned from reference interviews helps in making an informed decision at this point of the process. It could be an endorsement of one candidate’s steadfast nature during a difficult project or maybe their mentoring skills with younger professionals.

Making the extra effort to find out as much as possible about two equally qualified candidates is a must to ensure the right choice ultimately gets made. Sometimes, the last piece of information you discover makes all the difference.

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