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When Following up After a Job Interview, What do Employers Really Look For?

Your candidacy for a great position at a leading technology company in your region is going well. A top-notch résumé led to a job interview and you feel like you made a great connection with the interviewer. Now what?

Following up after a job interview is one of more “forgotten” aspects of any quest for a new job. As with the rest of the process, carrying yourself with a professional air is a must. Let’s take a look at what employers expect from a post-interview follow-up.

They Aren’t Looking to be Pestered

When the interview ends and good-byes are being said, make it a point to inquire about the company’s timeline for filling their open position. Find out when would be a good time to follow up with the interviewer. Once you know their schedule, don’t overdo things by emailing them once a day asking if they’ve made a decision.

One courteous follow-up note thanking them for the opportunity should suffice. Anything more runs the risk of being excessive.

Polite and Professional Are the Keys to Remember

When composing a follow-up note, make it a point to be polite and professional. If any interesting (and positive) news story about the company and/or its technology sector was published since your interview, reference it in your email. This provides a good way to show the interviewer your continued interest in the company and the work they do.

Use email instead of the phone or text messages as a format for the follow-up note. It provides an additional measure of professionalism, as well as providing your contact information in the email signature. Keep things concise, as hiring managers generally maintain a busy schedule.

What If You Are Still Waiting for an Update About the Job?

If two to three weeks have passed since you sent a follow-up note, contacting the hiring manager one additional time for a status update is appropriate. Keep things agreeable — don’t be demanding or impatient. The hiring process is a taxing one for companies, and running their business takes priority.

Showing your continued interest while keeping things professional ensures you won’t ruin your candidacy before a final decision is made.

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