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Six Questions to Ask a Scientific Job Candidate

Getting the hiring process right is vital for the success of any business, but it remains especially important in the technology world. Partnering with a staffing firm focused on the STEM sector ensures you’ll be presented with some qualified candidates; however, the interview is where you truly get the chance to see if they are worthy of a position with your firm. Ultimately, making the wrong choice could cost your organization invaluable time and resources.

With choosing the right candidate in mind, here are six questions to ask a scientific job applicant.

What makes you a good scientist (or technology professional)?

This is good question to ask early in the interview, as it provides the opportunity for meaningful follow-up questions. Additionally, you’ll get a good feel for the candidate’s confidence and creativity, considering the question’s open-ended nature.

Describe a situation when you thrived under pressure.

A tangible example of the candidate’s ability to succeed when in a pressure-packed situation is the expected response for this question. Be sure to cross-reference their answer with the information on their résumé.

What is your approach when troubleshooting a problem?

Another excellent question which offers insight into a candidate’s ability to solve problems. Pay special attention to how they organize their thoughts when trying to formulate the right solution.

How do you keep up with innovations in the technology world?

The best STEM professionals need to keep their fingers on the pulse of the tech world. This question probes into to how much the candidate “lives and breathes” science.

When did an ethical issue arise on a previous project?

This question gives you a great chance to better understand the importance of ethics to the candidate. Find out what they learned from the situation in a follow-up question.

Were you required to deal with a difficult client or co-worker in the past?

Technical acumen is obviously important for any scientist and technical professional, but softer skills, like the ability to handle different personalities, are also relevant. This question offers you the chance to learn more about the candidate’s use of tact and diplomacy when necessary.

Leverage these six questions to ensure you find out everything about a scientific job candidate before making your final hiring decision.

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