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Five Tips to Help You Pick Job References

When getting ready to look for a new job, an excellent résumé, a cover letter template, and time spent practicing interview techniques are all important. One item you also need in your job search toolbox is a list of professional references. Simply using a distant family member and a college classmate in the hope your references won’t be checked isn’t a smart plan.

You need to put nearly as much thought into your reference list as you do your résumé. Here are five helpful tips to ensure you’ll get a great technology job offer.

Ask for Permission From Each Potential Reference

Don’t create a collection of job references without first contacting everyone on your list to make sure they are willing to recommend you. Including someone without their permission isn’t professional, and might lead to you not getting a positive review. Saving a few minutes simply isn’t worth the risk.

Choose Your References for the Specific Position in Question

Carefully consider your references while taking into account both the position in question as well as your potential new employer. Make sure each reference you choose is able to describe your professionalism, performance and personality. Each reference needs to have worked with you closely in your career.

Collect Accurate and Current Contact Information

It may be a case of making sure your “i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed,” but you need to have current contact information for every reference on your list. You don’t want to blow a chance at a great new job because of an old email address.

Give Each Reference a Current Copy of Your Résumé

Be sure to email each reference a current copy of your résumé. Add a note explaining your latest job duties and technical skills. This ensures any reference is up to date on your current career status and abilities.

Thank Each Reference After You Are Hired

Make it a point to thank everyone on your reference list once your job search is successful — even if they weren’t contacted for the position in question. It’s good professional karma. Maybe someone on your list will ask you to be a reference when they are looking for work?

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