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Understanding the Differences Between Hiring and Talent Acquisition

Success as a technology company depends on finding, hiring and developing a top-notch group of employees who boast high-end skill sets and strong work ethics. Simply fitting bodies into an organizational structure without giving much thought to a long-term strategic hiring plan makes operational efficiencies more difficult to achieve over time. A thoughtful approach towards talent acquisition is one of the keys of a profitable business, especially in the IT world.

There are differences between simply hiring employees and executing a well-honed talent acquisition policy. Your technology staffing agency partner also plays a significant role in helping you build a staff that is the envy of your competitors. Let’s take a closer look.

Hiring Is Tactical, While Talent Acquisition Is Strategic

If your company has an open position due to another employee leaving for whatever reason, recruiting and hiring a new employee to fill that role is simply a tactical event. You typically give the process little thought beyond ensuring the new hire’s personality and skills make for a good fit on your team. Once their onboarding is complete, things get back to normal pretty quickly.

Talent acquisition, on the other hand, needs to be part of your organization’s strategic planning process. Long-term analysis of your firm’s technology skills needs over a period of up to five years helps drive the formulation of a talent acquisition strategy. Building a company culture able to attract and retain the top talent in the IT industry is another key component of any long-term talent hiring policy.

A Partnership With a Leading Technology Staffing Agency Makes Sense

Fostering a partnership with a top-ranked IT employment agency in your area also plays a vital factor in the ultimate success of your talent acquisition strategy. Working with the same agency over time allows them to fully understand your hiring needs on both a long-term and short-term basis. Their knowledgeable recruiters are able to recommend technically qualified candidates that also make a strategic, cultural fit for your firm moving forward.

A trusted recruiting agency partner can also make recommendations to fine-tune your company’s talent acquisition strategy to help ensure its success.

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