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Cracking the Code to Advancing Your Tech Career

Maintaining the upwards trend of your technology career takes effort, especially considering the regular innovations requiring the latest abilities and knowledge. IT professionals who don’t bother to keep their skills up to date soon get left behind. The top companies in the industry want to hire workers who are passionate about learning.

If you are interested in a few ideas on how to advance your tech career, check out these tips. Maybe a senior leadership role will be in your future? Good luck in your efforts!

Earn a Certification in an Emerging Technology

It’s one thing to earn a technical certification in something you work with every day. On the other hand, making the extra effort to become certified in an emerging technology is a great way to keep your career prospects trending skywards. Managers definitely appreciate employees who go the extra mile to increase their skill sets.

Check out the technology sector analytical opinions on the latest innovations in the field. Gartner is a good source, but many popular IT websites also offer meaningful insights able to put you on the right path. Additionally, seek out the opinions of your managers on what technologies they feel will be important to your company five to ten years from now.

Continue Your Technical Education to Boost Your Career Prospects

Earning an advanced degree in your technology discipline offers a great chance to boost your career. If your company offers tuition reimbursement, take advantage of this generous benefit. The leading companies in high tech try to foster a culture based on learning, and paying for their employees’ tuition reflects this focus.

A master’s degree in your field positions you to become a technical leader at your company and possibly even a thought leader in the industry as a whole. The latter becomes more likely if you regularly write articles about technical subjects or give talks at technology conferences. Either way, a higher level of success is likely in your future.

Earning an MBA is a great compliment to a technology undergraduate degree. It’s a good step towards an executive position in the high-tech industry. If you have an entrepreneurial streak, forming your own technology startup becomes a valid option for your career after acquiring an MBA.

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