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Seven Tips for Finding (and Applying for) the Best Tech Jobs

Finding a great job in the technology industry takes effort, persistence and a positive attitude. Whenever a top position with a leading company becomes public, fierce competition among candidates typically ensues. Success in the quest for an IT job sometimes means going the extra mile to find about openings before everyone else.

With a successful technology job hunt in mind, here are a few tips to ensure your efforts end up with you as a new employee with a top company in the field. Good luck!

Network at Local Technology Events

Developing a robust professional network remains a great way to learn about those available positions in IT that stay hidden from the general public. Attend any local technical mixers, conventions, and other related events to meet people who can help your career.

Don’t Forget Online Networking

In a similar manner, connecting with other professionals in your field on LinkedIn and other online networks definitely helps when it comes time to look for a new position. If you can write, consider publishing a blog filled with technology-related articles as another way to grow your network.

Keep Your Résumé Updated — LinkedIn Too!

Make it a point to keep your résumé updated, since you never know when a great tech job opportunity will cross your path. This includes your LinkedIn profile, which is essentially an online version of your résumé.

Prepare a Cover Letter Template

Including a personalized cover letter when applying for an IT position emphasizes how you would make a great fit for that company. Spending some time beforehand creating a cover letter template gives you a head start when tailoring it for the open position in question.

Choose a Company Where You Want to Work and Follow Them

If there is a perfect technology company where you’d love to work, make it a point to follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn while subscribing to any alerts they may post. This is a great way to express interest in a subtle manner and you may find out about a job opening before everyone else.

Volunteer on an Open Source Project

Volunteering your time on an open source project is a great way to broaden your tech skills for a good cause. The opportunity to network helps with finding a dream position as well.

Partner With an IT Staffing Agency

A partnership with a top-notch staffing agency specializing in technology remains the best way to find out about open IT positions. An experienced recruiter can also help ensure your résumé and cover letter present you in the best possible light.

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