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Feel Like You’re Talking to a Wall? Six Tips for Keeping Staff Engaged and Receptive to Your Management.

No matter your personal leadership style, it is important for your staff to stay receptive to your management. If they begin to tune you out, their work performance suffers as does the efficiency of your entire team. In short, a good connection between your employees and you as their manager helps the overall productivity of your company.

Here are a few tips for making sure your staff stays engaged and receptive to your leadership. Soon, you won’t have any more problems getting through to your workers.

Don’t Use Threats and Coercion

Most employees don’t respond well to threats as an incentive to engage them in their work. Managers who rely too much on coercion will find themselves tuned out quickly. Foster a positive environment to engage your staff in both their own work as well as the efforts of the entire team.

Positive Reinforcement Works the Best

Set high expectations for your employees and communicate those goals while showing the confidence you have in their abilities. This tends to be an effective way to get workers to reach — and even exceed — their true potential. Positive reinforcement plays a big role in maintaining a real connection between you and your staff.

Leverage Multiple Communication Channels

Take advantage of the myriad of ways you have to communicate with your direct reports. Face-to-face or group meetings are great, but using emails, newsletters, messaging, or even a team wiki page also gets your message across without taking up valuable project time to meet in person.

Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness go a long way in keeping your team receptive to your management. Bring in lunch for everyone during crunch time on a project or buy a gift card for an employee who worked extra to ensure a task finished successfully. Sometimes the little things carry the most weight over the long haul.

Treat Your Employees Like Partners

Your staff needs to be reminded that you are all in this together. Treat them like partners instead of subordinates; give them direction but also a sense of autonomy and watch them thrive.

Offer Feedback on a Timely Basis

Feedback that’s both timely and constructive is the best way to ensure your team stays engaged. When someone’s performance needs improvement, work with them to create a plan for getting back on the right track. On the other hand, exemplary work needs to be quickly rewarded and celebrated.

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