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Job Search Communication in the Digital Era — 5 Best Practices to Follow

Even as the job search process evolves in the digital era, quality communication remains an important aspect of ensuring you get a job offer for the position of your dreams. You can’t simply rely on older communication channels — snail mail being the most obvious — to accomplish the task. For instance, social networks have notably grown in importance in the past few years, for both job seekers and hiring managers.

In short, your communication strategy when looking for work needs to change with the times. Here are five best practices to follow to help you get a great job in the technology industry.

Connect on Social Media Before Emailing a Résumé

Many hiring managers peruse the activity on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages searching for potential candidates. Make it a point to connect with interesting technology companies on social media before emailing a résumé and cover letter. Follow or connect with employees of those firms to get a better feel for their current projects.

Pressing the Flesh Is Still Important

The importance of a firm handshake is still relevant even in today’s social media-driven business environment. Many technology companies host mixers or other charitable activities in their community. These events offer you a great chance to meet your potential future managers and co-workers in person before connecting with them online.

Develop Your Own Online Technology Presence

Take care to build your own work-related social media presence. This includes everything from a detailed LinkedIn page illustrating your professional experience, to publishing your own blog which positions you as a thought leader in the industry. Efforts like these definitely help you get noticed by technology hiring managers.

Filter Your Personal Social Media Accounts

While building your professional social media presence, take care to properly filter your personal social network activity. Hiring managers will research everything possible about a potential candidate, so a college party photo marked public on Facebook might not give them the best impression of you. Take the time to check your security settings on every social network on which you are active.

Stay Connected Even If You Don’t Get a Job Offer

If after going through an interview you don’t receive a job offer, still email the hiring manager and other interviewers, thanking them for the opportunity. It is important to stay connected after the process, as you never know when another chance will arise.

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