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Boss Quitting? Six Things You Need to Do.

Any time a manager leaves their position, it can be a shock to you and your co-workers. You may begin to feel more insecure about your place with your current employer, especially if you enjoyed a great relationship with your now former boss. As the office rumor mill goes into overdrive, it’s important to keep a clear head and a watchful eye.

With keeping your technology career path on an upwards trajectory, here are a few tips to ensure a successful transition period. Good luck!

Don’t Give Into the Rumor Mill

When everyone first finds out about the boss’s impending departure, rumors will probably start flying around the office. Stay above the gossip and keep a professional air throughout this early period.

Find out the Reason for Their Departure

Make it a point to talk to your manager privately about their reason for leaving. This gives you some peace of mind on the stability of the company — or lack thereof. Accurate information helps you prepare for a potential job change yourself — either internally or with a new organization.

Show off Your Leadership Skills

If you want to be the new boss, now is a good time to show off your leadership ability to the company executives. Offer to take on additional responsibilities and help in any knowledge transfer from your old manager. Once again, it is important to stay professional.

Apply to Be the New Boss — if Ready

If you feel ready to become a manager, don’t hesitate to express your interest in the vacant position. Displaying your leadership acumen during the transition period will only help your chances at earning this new role. You could be ready to take your career to a higher level.

Develop Your Own Leadership Style

Even if you don’t become the new manager, that’s no reason to not hone your own unique leadership style. Soon you’ll be ready to be the boss either with your current employer or possibly at a new company.

Stay Professionally Connected With Your Former Manager

Having a former manager at another high-tech company is valuable for your professional network. Stay connected and periodically keep in touch through email or social media. They may become aware of an opportunity great for your career growth?

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