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Applying for an Engineering Position? Five Ways to Wow the Interviewer.

While earning an interview for a top engineering position is worthy of praise, and speaks to the quality of your résumé and skill set, your interview performance obviously plays the biggest role in getting a job offer. It is vital to wow the interviewer to ensure you stand out from a pack of qualified candidates. This takes the right amount of preparation, including researching the company in question as well as your own work history.

With getting a great new engineering job in mind, check out these few tips for an exemplary interview performance. Good luck in your job search efforts!

Research the Company in Question

Make the effort to fully research the company where you are interviewing. This includes their history, project work and other newsworthy items. You’ll get the chance to show off this research during the interview when prompted to ask any questions. Take this opportunity to impress the interviewer with your knowledge and insight about their employer.

Have Your Own Work History at the Forefront of Your Mind

Spend a few hours going over your résumé and professional history before the interview. Be prepared to answer in detail when asked technical questions about engineering project work. Hiring managers want to understand how you made a tangible difference for previous employers — bringing plans in from a previous project accomplishes this nicely.

Interview Practice is a Smart Idea

If you have a friend or significant other willing to help you practice your interviewing techniques, take advantage of their offer. When answering questions, make sure to speak clearly while making natural eye contact. If you can’t find someone to play the role of the interviewer, try to practice by yourself, using your GoPro or smartphone to record your performance for review.

Professional Dress is a Must

Even if the company with the open engineering position has a casual dress policy, be sure to arrive for the interview attired professionally. This includes spending a little extra time the morning of the interview on grooming. After all, you want to “wow” the interviewer and get a job offer!

Show off Your Engineering Knowledge

Consider taking a course or two in an engineering topic you haven’t used at previous employers. Joining an industry organization like the IEEE is another great way to keep abreast of emerging technologies. Leverage this knowledge to show off your enthusiasm for the engineering profession throughout the interview.

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