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Nine Things You Should Keep in Mind When Interviewing With a Technical Recruiter

Partnering with a technical recruiter is smart if you want a rewarding, lifelong technology career. When first meeting with a staffing agency, you should prepare as if you were interviewing with your dream technology company.

Here are a few tips to follow when interviewing with recruiters get a great IT job. Good luck with your efforts!

Research Your Professional History and Skill Set

Before deciding to work with you, a recruiter needs to be assured you know your stuff. Go over your résumé to make sure its contents — work history, skills and abilities — are on the forefront of your mind during the interview.

Dress Professionally

Treat this interview just like one with an actual technology company. Dress professionally and ensure your grooming is exemplary.

Interview Performance is Important

Speak clearly and confidently while making natural eye contact with the recruiter during the interview. Don’t fidget in your chair, roll your eyes or look down. Their reputation is at stake in addition to yours when you are on an actual job interview.

Be Upfront About Your Career Path

Be honest with the recruiter about your career path. Whether you are happy to stay in an engineer or developer role, or hope to move into management someday, make sure your recruiter understands your professional hopes and dreams.

Discuss Potential Relocation and Travel

If you aren’t interested in relocation and don’t really like traveling, discuss these issues with the recruiter to ensure they don’t present you for positions that require travel.

Are You Open to Temporary Positions?

Some IT companies look for contract workers to help get them through crunch times. Let your recruiter know if you are interested in temporary contracts, permanent positions or both.

Corporate Culture is Important

Recruiters want to ensure you’ll make a good fit with a company. Spend some time discussing office culture so they place you at an organization where you will thrive.

Have They Been in Business in Your Region for a While?

Recruiters need healthy professional networks not just technology professionals. Ensure your staffing agency has been active in your area for enough time to maintain relationships with the top IT companies.

Do They Have Exclusive Relationships With the Top Companies?

Related to the last point, if a recruiting agency enjoys an exclusive relationship with some of the best companies in your area, your chances of getting an interview with a top organization are greater.

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