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Don’t Let Overanalysis Cripple Your Career Prospects

While it is important to take a detailed and measured approach whenever you are looking for a new technology position, don’t let this extra prep time actually delay you when applying for a position. In a competitive job market, the “early bird gets the worm” in many cases. This kind of unintentional procrastination may be hampering your chance at a dream IT job.

With a successful job search in mind, here are some ideas on how to streamline the process to ensure you spend more time interviewing than analyzing. Good luck!

Don’t Wait for a Perfect Open Position — Good Works Too!

If you keep finding intriguing open technology positions, but decide against applying for them because you only meet 80 percent of the qualifications, rethink your approach. Don’t let the fear of rejection influence you when searching for a job. Take a chance and send out your résumé; don’t be surprised if you get called in to interview.

Preparing for that interview gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with those qualifications you didn’t meet, possibly including technologies unused in your career. Mentioning these efforts during the interview shows off your enthusiasm for a career in science and technology.

Cover Letter Personalization Is Great, but Use Templates

It is smart to personalize every cover letter you send for the specific open position. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the process a bit more efficient. Leverage the use of templates in your word processing software to give you a head start applying for jobs.

The same approach works if you alter each résumé you send for a certain job opening. Let your word processor carry some of the load. Saving this extra prep time lets you reach out to more companies.

Watch out for Analysis Paralysis

Be on the lookout for analysis paralysis with nearly all aspects of your job search. Spending too much time fine-tuning your résumé, deciding on what companies to approach about an open position or even in interview preparation isn’t good if it results in you applying for fewer jobs. Granted, this is a fine line, since a great résumé and an exemplary interview performance play a key role in getting you a job offer.

Ultimately, working with a trusted technology recruiter is the smartest call to ensure an efficient and fruitful job search.

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