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Engineer? Six Reasons to Be Certified in CAD.

Computer-aided design remains an important skill for many engineers, no matter their specific discipline. Producing electric circuit designs, architectural documents, 3D product drawings, and more requires a deft touch with CAD software. Earning a certification in CAD helps to boost your chances of quickly finding a new position when the time comes.

With a successful engineering job search in mind, here are six reasons acquiring a CAD certification is a smart call for engineers of all stripes.

Produce CAD Drawings More Efficiently

Even if you are highly experienced with AutoCAD or any other CAD application, earning a certification offers a chance to learn something new about the software. You may even find a shortcut or two to help you produce drawings faster and more accurately. Both you and your employer benefit in the long run.

Mentor Your Co-Workers in CAD

Show off your certification in the office by mentoring other engineers and draftsmen in the more esoteric functionality of AutoCAD. This lets you display leadership potential to your managers. Maybe a promotion is in your future?

Take Advantage of Your Company’s Tuition Reimbursement Policy

If your company reimburses their employees for certification classes and tests, take advantage of this benefit. This is a great opportunity to broaden your skill set at no cost to you other than time.

Many CAD Certification Programs Offer College Credit

Completing a certification course in AutoCAD also may earn you college credits useful for getting a degree. Keep this in mind when looking at certification classes — offering credits is a definite plus. Additionally, some courses are held online, which makes things more convenient for those with a busy schedule.

Network With Other AutoCAD Certified Professionals

Building a robust professional network is important for engineers. Earning an official AutoCAD certification from Autodesk gives you access to their network of other certified engineers. This is invaluable when are looking for a new job or even to learn other tips and tricks of the software itself.

Self-Improvement Is Important for Engineers

Engineering professionals need to focus on self-improvement, and earning certifications is one part of becoming a better engineer. This is especially the case if you don’t normally use CAD software. Simply put, it is a great skill for your toolbox.

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