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2017 Strategic Staffing Tips for Tech

With 2017 rapidly approaching, it’s time to ensure your company’s staffing plan for the upcoming year is ready to go. Trends come and go quickly in the technology industry, and a team with the latest abilities is a must for your organization’s long- and short-term success. Firms suffering from a skills gap find it difficult to compete in the high-tech sector.

Here are a few strategic staffing tips for 2017 to keep your company on a path to continuous improvement. Good luck in your efforts next year and beyond!

The “Gig” Economy Continues to Mature

Expect the gig economy to continue to mature over the next year. Tech workers and those companies hiring them both benefit from the adaptability offered by temporary contracts focused on individual projects. Freelance employees can help you close a skills gap, while giving you the employment flexibility to make your company run more efficiently.

In short, taking advantage of freelance workers is a smart strategy in 2017, especially as new technologies continue to be introduced into the marketplace. When a client has a need and your current staff doesn’t possess the skill in question, simply find someone who does!

Company Culture is Important in Attracting Younger Tech Talent

With more millennials entering the workforce, their wants and needs from an employer are different than earlier generations. A welcoming, flexible and progressive organizational culture is a paramount desire among many younger workers. Offering flexible schedules and a fun, yet hardworking office environment is a key part of the culture younger IT workers want.

Make it a point to “advertise” your corporate culture on your website and when meeting with candidates in person. It plays a key role in ensuring you are able to build the right staff you need to succeed.

The Most In-Demand Tech Jobs for 2017

It helps to understand what IT positions are expected to be in demand over the next year, as it may take more effort from your company to secure the services of these workers. The demand for talented information security analysts and data scientists is slated to grow in 2017. Top companies should also plan on competing for top-notch web developers – especially those well versed in mobile web design – over the next year.

If your organization needs additional insights and advice on formulating its hiring strategy for 2017, talk to the experts at Synerfac. As one of the leading IT staffing firms in Greensboro and the rest of the Research Triangle, we boast a supply of great tech candidates. Schedule some time with us at your earliest convenience.