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Converting Career Envy Into Forward Mobility

Sometimes, when looking at a friend’s IT career, you may feel a pang of professional envy. The same thing probably occurs when parsing through your professional network connections on LinkedIn – “How do they get to work on all those cool projects while I’m stuck doing maintenance code?”

Don’t let jealously adversely impact your technology career outlook. Instead, use the success of your friends and colleagues to inspire you to take things to a higher level. What follows are a few ideas for turning career envy into forward mobility in your professional life.

Ask a Friend or Colleague to Mentor You

When you see a friend advancing by leaps and bounds in their high-tech career, consider asking them for advice or possibly to be your mentor. Helping put your prospects on the right track is the ultimate goal. Don’t feel shy or guilty about approaching them, as more often than not, they’ll want to help out.

The same rule applies if you decide to reach out to someone from your professional network, except you need to be a bit more tactful when compared to a personal friend. Ask them an informal question or two about their current role and how they were able to gain that position before seeing if they want to mentor you. At the minimum, most will be happy to answer any questions.

Continuing Education Is a Must for Technology Career Growth

If your friend is always working on the latest technologies, make the effort to add those skills to your toolbox through self-training or by volunteering at a nonprofit or charity with needs in those areas. Becoming certified in the hottest IT skills also helps ensure you get to work on cool projects. Additionally, earning an advanced degree is a great way to put your career on the fast track to a management or senior technology role.

Your Technology Recruiter Is a Great Source for Career Advice

Don’t forget to ask your technology recruiter for advice on how to put your IT career into overdrive. They know the hottest skills currently in demand among the best companies in your area. A partnership with an experienced high-tech recruiter helps ensure your professional success. Soon, your friends will be jealous of your career!

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