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2017 STEM Careers in Hot Demand

With the first month of 2017 almost complete, now is a great time to take a look at the hottest careers in STEM. The worlds of engineering, technology and science provide a great opportunity for a rewarding professional life at the forefront of innovation. Competitive salaries and generous benefits packages are typically offered by companies operating in one of these business sectors.

What follows is a look at a few of the STEM jobs expected to be in high demand over the next year. Use these insights to plan your career path in 2017 and beyond. Good luck!

Data Scientists Help Companies Make Sense of Big Data

The massive amounts of data generated by an always-connected, social-media-driven society aren’t going away any time soon. Businesses of all sizes increasingly depend on data scientists to wean actionable information out of Big Data. Because of this acute need, expect this field to remain one of the hottest STEM jobs over the next few years.

Successful candidates for these positions boast a mixture of technical know-how with business and societal insights. The average starting salary for a data scientist ranges from $85,000 to $170,000 depending on experience.

Information Technology Managers in the Era of the Cloud

As companies embrace the Cloud as part of a hybrid network infrastructure strategy, IT managers continue to grow in importance. The top professionals with this title intimately understand network architecture and a variety of the technologies typically found in a data center. The people skills needed to negotiate with vendors and manage a disparate group of employees are another requirement of the position.

IT managers enjoy a median salary of over $127,000, while a 1.8 percent unemployment rate illustrates the great demand for the role at the enterprise level.

Biomedical Engineers at the Forefront of Healthcare

The healthcare industry is one generally immune to any downturns in the economy. As such, biomedical engineers remain one of the hottest STEM career paths. Engineering skills combined with a deep understanding of biology and physiology are requirements for anyone working in this field.

Biomedical engineers can expect a median yearly salary of around $87,000. The unemployment rate for this position is 2.6 percent.

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