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2017 Technical Hiring – 15 Traits in High Demand

When analyzing your technical staffing needs for next year, it is important to understand what traits and abilities are highly desired from IT candidates. Many of these capabilities are needed in any well-rounded candidate able to make a positive difference for your organization.

What follows is a list of some of the skills your hiring team should be looking for in candidates throughout 2017. Good luck in your hiring efforts.

  1. IT Architecture. With more companies migrating some of their technical services to the Cloud, they typically rearchitect their on-premises IT infrastructure. Expect IT architecture to be an in-demand skill in 2017.
  2. Cloud Security. Keeping a Cloud-based technical infrastructure safe from nefarious cyber activity haunts CIOs at night. Candidates with Cloud security experience are expected to be worth their weight in gold over the next year.
  3. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining. Companies have invested heavily in NoSQL database systems to capture huge amounts of data. Because of this outlay, employees able to wean actionable information out of this data are highly desired.
  4. Metadata Design. Related to the previous trait, DBAs experienced in metadata design help ensure modern database designs are easily understandable by both technical and business employees.
  5. SEO and SEM Marketing. Many organizations are taking advantage of social media and search-based marketing. As such, expect candidates with SEO skills to be in demand throughout 2017.
  6. Programming/Application Development. Software still needs to be written in the modern business landscape; therefore, software engineering talent is still highly desired by organizations of all sizes.
  7. Project Management. In this era of Agile and DevOps, excellent project managers help ensure work gets completed faster than ever. Candidates with PM experience are needed in many different industries.
  8. User Interface Design. Designers able to build compelling user interfaces – especially for the smaller screen real estate on mobile devices – are highly desired over the next 12 months.
  9. Mobile Development. Software engineers experienced with app development on the iOS and Android platforms are expected to be in demand in 2017.
  10. Help Desk/Technical Support. Companies with public-facing applications, devices and websites require personable and talented help desk and technical support engineers throughout the upcoming year.
  11. Compliance/Governance/Security. Technology professionals experienced with compliance and governance programs with or without a security focus are expected to be greatly in demand at some organizations for the next year and beyond.
  12. Data Presentation. Candidates able to create easily understandable data presentations and infographics are needed all over the industry, especially at firms with significant investments in data analysis.
  13. Storage Systems and Management. Huge amounts of data require the management of fail-safe systems for storage. This is a technical specialty growing in importance.
  14. Cloud/SaaS. The increasing adoption rate of Cloud-based systems requires companies to hire talented IT professionals experienced with developing and administering these infrastructures.
  15. Web Development. Software engineers skilled in developing web applications – especially to run on mobile devices – are expected to still be in demand throughout 2017.

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