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How to Show Your Enthusiasm for a Position Without Sounding Desperate

An exemplary interview performance gives you the best chance at earning a coveted job offer in the IT industry. Using the interview, cover letter and thank-you note to display your enthusiasm for the position is obvious. However, there is a fine line between showing zeal for a job and sounding a bit too desperate – the latter may end up ruining your chances.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas for conveying passion for a technology position without going overboard.

Staying Credible Is a Must for an IT Candidate

You may be thinking, “What’s wrong with showing enthusiasm for a job”? Nothing, except when you cross that line into sounding too desperate. This causes you to lose credibility in the minds of many interviewers. You don’t want your motives to be questioned.

Professional Courtesy and Restraint Need to Be Your Plan

When you first apply for a position, exercise restraint in your cover letter. Make sure you are completely qualified for the position in question. The “spray and pray” approach to a job search simply doesn’t work in the technology industry. Hiring managers are more discerning and will simply discard the résumés of any unqualified candidates.

Remember to follow the employer’s instructions carefully when submitting an online application. Wait to send a follow-up email to see if they received your résumé; calling their office is a poor strategy. Express interest in the position in the cover letter, while illustrating how your skills and experience are compatible with their needs.

Tips for Being Enthusiastic During the Interview

During the interview, show off your research of the company by asking meaningful questions about the position. Express your fit for the role by illustrating similar duties throughout your work history. Focus on the tangible achievements you’ve made for previous employers – most of which should be already detailed on your résumé and cover letter. Do all of this while speaking clearly and making natural eye contact with the interviewer.

Following these tips ensures you will make a positive impression on a potential employer. Good luck in your job hunt!

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