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The Right (and Wrong) Way to Give Feedback to Your Staff

There’s no denying the importance of communication at any company working in the fields of science and technology. Organizational advancements like DevOps depend on strong interaction between everyone on a team working towards the same goal. Feedback is an especially vital aspect of communication between a manager and their direct reports.

This article takes a look at the right way to offer feedback to your team members; we’ll also mention some techniques and habits to avoid. Hopefully, these insights improve the communication – and mood – in your office.

Critical Feedback Needs to Be Constructive

Never simply criticize an employee’s mistake or a project failure. Offering constructive feedback is a must, considering your worker needs to learn from their mistake. Always treat feedback as an opportunity for offering advice, wisdom, and knowledge. This definitely helps in developing a productive technology staff.

At the same time, be sure to offer some positive feedback when giving criticism to a staff member. It is important to temper negative feedback to keep employee morale at a high level. Additionally, employees are more receptive to constructive criticism and positive feedback.

Feedback Also Needs to be Timely

When offering constructive criticism, provide it in a timely manner – never wait for a formal performance review to give feedback. There’s nothing worse then telling an employee they made a mistake on a project six months ago. Never put off giving negative feedback, it only serves to create a disgruntled worker.

At the same time, when an employee performs admirably, they need to receive positive feedback as soon as possible. Creating a “feedback loop” which leads to higher morale and higher productivity levels needs to be a goal for you and your managerial staff.

Be Clear, Straightforward and Specific

All forms of feedback need to be easy to understand. Whether given verbally or written, be clear and specific in any praise or criticism. In the latter situation, offer some tangible advice on how to fix the problem so the same issue never happens again.

Following these ideas is sure to create a more positive and productive environment at your office.

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