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Nine Engineering Job Interview Questions to Prepare For

The job interview remains the most important part of any hiring process, and the engineering industry is no different. You need to ensure your readiness before the big day; spending time practicing with a friend serving as a hiring manager is a smart strategy. Part of your preparation also needs to focus on the typical questions asked by an interviewer.

Here are a few engineering interview questions to put on your list to study. Good luck and earn that job offer!

What was your most significant project accomplishment?

Spend time studying your engineering work history so you can easily answer this question. Managers appreciate any tangible impacts you made for a previous employer.

What about any technical papers you’ve published?

Companies want engineers with strong communication skills. Published technical papers illustrate your capabilities in this area.

Have you given any technology presentations at a conference?

Related to the previous question, engineers able to get on stage and present complex material to fellow engineers, business executives or the public at large are valuable in the industry.

How well do you function in a stressful environment?

Engineering can be a stressful occupation at times. Potential employers need to know you can perform during crunch time on an important project.

What new technical skills have you learned in the past year?

In an engineering career, your education only ends on retirement day. Companies want to understand how well you learn new techniques and technologies.

What patents have you been awarded?

Patents are the lifeblood of innovation in the engineering industry. Expect to be asked about what patents you’ve earned and whether you have any patent submissions in the pipeline.

How would you improve one of your previous engineering projects?

This is an important question for determining your ability to judge your own work as well as your capacity for reengineering and process improvement.

How did you handle a failed project?

Being able to deal with failure in a professional manner is an important attribute for engineers to possess. Expect a question or two on this topic.

What questions do you have for us today?

Research the company in question so you are able to ask meaningful questions when prompted. You’ll earn extra points for showing a measure of business acumen!

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