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10 Résumé and Cover Letter Myths – Busted!

There’s no denying the résumé and cover letter are two of the most important parts of any technology job search. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few falsehoods about them worth your attention. Here are 10 myths about résumés and cover letters that don’t ring true.

The One-Page Résumé

Experienced technology professionals are selling themselves short if they try to limit their CV to one page. This is one myth that holds little weight in the industry. Two pages are usually appropriate for detailing your skill set and employment history.

Cover Letters Aren’t Necessary

Nearly all hiring managers expect to see a personalized cover letter from every candidate. This gives you an opportunity to go into more detail on your professional history and IT abilities.

GPA Is Important

While some do care about a candidate’s GPA, many more IT companies pay closer to attention to a candidate’s skills and tangible technology experience.

The Cover Letter Only Introduces Your Résumé

A cover letter does more than introduce you to a hiring manager. Use it to compliment the contents of your CV; adding the tangible insights to earn you an interview.

Include Your Entire Professional History

Be selective in the amount of work history you include on a résumé, especially if you have over 25 years of IT experience. Try to individualize this section based on the position for which you are applying.

You Can Use a Generic Greeting on a Cover Letter

Research the company in question to find out the name and gender of the person to whom you are sending a cover letter. Never assume gender if using a generic greeting!

A Paper Résumé Is Good Enough                                                   

Every technology professional needs a LinkedIn account to serve as an online version of their résumé. Don’t rely on paper only!

Don’t Include Social Networking Info on a Résumé

HR personnel research any candidate’s social media accounts as part of their vetting process. Include your LinkedIn account URL on your résumé at a minimum.

Include Salary History and Expectations on Your Cover Letter

Any discussion about salary needs to be saved for the interview. Leave it off of your cover letter.

Don’t Worry About Résumé Typos

Technology professionals are supposed to be detail-oriented. Take extra care when proofreading your résumé and cover letter!

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