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Don’t Get Burned: Eight Reasons to Properly Vet Tech Candidates

A mistake in the technology hiring process carries many risks for companies. These include wasted resources, lower efficiency and productivity, as well as a hit to the bottom line. Your IT organization needs to properly vet any candidate before making a final decision to hire them.

Here is a look at eight reasons why a well-considered and thorough process ensures finding a great new tech employee. Good luck in your hiring efforts.

Verify the Accuracy of Their Résumé

Speaking with a candidate’s references helps check their work experience and other background information. Additionally, pay close attention during their interview to see if they may have exaggerated some of their employment history or skill set.

Making a Final Decision Between Two Equal Candidates

Sometimes two IT candidates are so close in abilities and experience that a reference or background check is the only way to make an informed final choice.

Find out What Truly Makes Them “Tick”

After perusing their résumé and talking with them during an interview, a discussion with one of their references gives a third-person perspective unique to the hiring process.

Prescreening Candidates Saves Your Organization Time

A good prescreening effort before scheduling candidate interviews saves your company valuable time by filtering out those who wouldn’t make a good fit due to salary expectations or a poor match of skills.

Technical Interviews Verify How They Perform Under Pressure

Technology professionals typically need to work well under pressure. Leverage technical interviews to vet a candidate’s ability to perform when under the gun.

Background Checks Are Vital

Verifying a candidate has a clean credit history and no criminal background is important, especially if your organization operates in the financial technology sector. Don’t skip this part of the hiring process.

Don’t Forget the Social Media Check

Spend time checking a candidate’s social media accounts, either before deciding on interviews or as part of making your final choice. This helps verify you have the right person for the job.

Find out If the Candidate Is Allowed to Work in the United States

Finally, it is especially important to verify if a candidate is in the country legitimately and able to work legally. Your company risks being fined if you hire someone without the right to work in the U.S.

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