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How to Answer the Question: “Tell Me Something About Yourself That Isn’t Listed on Your Résumé”

Interviewing for a technology position can be harrowing for anyone, no matter their professional experience level. Successfully handling questions that seem to come out of left field plays a big role – along with your work history and skill set – in earning you that coveted job offer. “Tell me something about yourself that’s not on your résumé” is just this kind of question.

Here are a few strategies for dealing with this line of questioning during an interview. Leverage these insights to ensure you end up passing the test and ultimately earning the high tech job of your dreams.

What are the reasons behind strange interview questions?

Interviewers ask these kinds of atypical questions for two reasons. First, they want to know more about your background outside of technology. Finding out what truly makes you tick is important when trying to decide between two equally qualified candidates.

Second, “out of the blue” questions like these help an interviewer get a read on how well you handle the unexpected. This offers a few insights on your performance when something similar happens during a technical project.

Insights on handling this interview question.

When practicing for your interview, have whoever is helping you ask a question or two along these lines. This helps you be better prepared when actually under the gun. Come up with an approach during your interview study time – mentioning a soft skill relevant to the open position or describing a work-related experience you couldn’t fit on your résumé are both excellent answers.

The modern technology résumé needs to be concise, so there are probably a variety of soft skills or stories available for your answer. The most important thing is to be prepared ahead of time so you can respond clearly and confidently.

Don’t be afraid to share a personal story.

Feel free to mention a story from your personal life, as long as you feel it raises your chances of getting a job offer. Anything that illustrates your leadership, honesty and hardworking nature is fair game. Tying your response to an explanation of why you’d make a great fit for the open position is a great approach.

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