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Help! I Already Accepted the Offer but Just Received a Better One. What Should I Do?

Congratulations are in order for receiving – and accepting – an IT job offer. The problem is you just received a better offer from another company. Well, your technical skill set and professional experience are definitely in demand, but how do you handle this ethical situation without burning any bridges or harming your career in the long run?

Let’s look more closely at this potential dilemma affecting technology professionals all across the industry. Hopefully, these insights help you make the right decision. Good luck in whatever you choose.

Carefully Weigh Both Opportunities

Deciding to accept another job offer after already agreeing to join another firm is a tough choice. You can expect the company who made the original offer to cross you off their “OK to hire” list – probably on a permanent basis. This is why you need to deeply analyze both positions – go beyond just the salary – before making a final choice.

Which position offers the best chance at career advancement? Does one company produce more interesting work, while being known for their innovation and creativity? Finally, consider the corporate culture at both places – where do you see yourself making a better fit?

Seek Advice From Trusted Professional Connections

Once you’ve weighed the various strengths and weaknesses of both organizations, seek out the advice of a few trusted friends from your professional network. Maybe their insights will clear your mind of any doubt? Sometimes, another perspective makes you realize a factor you didn’t previously consider.

Of course, the ultimate decision is yours, alone.

Ultimately, It’s Only Business in the Technology World

If you can honestly say the latest offer is truly a superior opportunity with a higher chance of growth at an organization that simply fits you better as a person, accept the second offer! Sure, the first company will be upset, but you need to look out for your own interests before any other. When it comes down to it, this is a business decision more than an ethical choice.

Being able to handle both the good and bad consequences of any difficult decision is part of being an IT professional. Do what’s best for yourself in the long run.

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