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Six Soft Skills Employers Value in Tech Employees

Of course, your technical abilities play an important role in developing a fruitful career in the IT industry. Soft skills are also considered vital by many of the top technology companies. Over the last few years, they are actually increasing in importance and the growing popularity of modern methodologies, like Agile and DevOps, in the field is a contributing factor.

Here are a few “softer” abilities you need to consider developing to ensure your technology career stays on an upwards path. Leverage these insights to make you more attractive to the leading organizations in the tech world.

Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills

As previously noted, this is an era of Agile in the technology industry. As such, all tech employees need exemplary communication skills. Being able to speak confidently during a Scrum or expressing yourself clearly with the written word is a valued attribute in IT.

Teamwork and Collaboration Are Vital

DevOps organizational structures allow companies to accomplish more than ever before. Progressive technical businesses want employees able to work well with others. The days of the lone-wolf software engineer are definitely in decline.

Solving Problems Quickly

No matter your specific technical discipline, being able to quickly respond to the myriad of problems that tend to crop up is desired by nearly all technology firms. Expect an interviewer to ask for examples of your problem-solving skills before they consider a job offer.

Leadership Acumen

Experienced technology professionals possessing the ability to mentor their younger co-workers or otherwise display leadership skills are worth their weight in gold. Firms that prefer to promote from within also want younger candidates with management potential.

Creativity Is Always in Demand

Employees able to devise creative solutions – possibly for an application’s user interface or an innovative database design – remain extremely valuable to technology organizations. IT firms are better able to compete when they foster innovation and creativity among their staff.

Knowing When to Take Initiative

Employees filled with ideas to improve processes boosting their employer’s efficiency – and possessing the initiative to bring those concepts to fruition – are extremely valuable in the business world. Don’t be shy when you see a way to make things better!

Develop these and other soft skills to keep your career on the straight path to success.

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