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From Disheartening to Inspiring – Using Your Company Culture to Motivate Staff

There’s no denying the role an organization’s culture plays in the overall motivation level and efficiency of its office staff. An uninspired group of employees leads to poor productivity and ultimately, an unhealthy bottom line. This basic fact is true for all business sectors, but is especially relevant in the world of IT.

Spurring your team on to a higher level becomes easier with a nurturing corporate culture. Let’s take a closer look at a few ideas on how to leverage your office environment to motivate your team. Good luck in your efforts!

Employees Respond When Their Work Is Challenging and Fun

Studies have shown employees are simply more productive when they enjoy what they are doing, or when their work is fun. Developing a company culture that champions experimentation and innovation fosters a creative environment that helps attract and retain a talented staff. Even tasks normally considered to be drudgery become less so when they are only a portion of someone’s daily assignments.

Successfully completing the challenging work typical of a technology organization offers a sense of accomplishment that contributes to an employee’s feeling of worth. When taken to a company-wide level, expect your overall productivity to increase.

A Purposeful Mission Also Inspires Effort

A company’s overall mission also contributes to its office culture. Employees tend to be inspired when they believe their efforts are going to help the common good. This could be either the health and success of your organization, or perhaps society as a whole if your company’s technology products or services are used for this purpose.

Even taking part in charitable activities as an organization helps improve culture as well as camaraderie among your team.

A Potential for Growth – Both Personal and Company Wide

Employees are inspired when they know their hard work helps develop their potential to be the best possible technology professional. This same rule applies to the growth of your company, especially if it is a startup and stock options are part of the compensation package. Additionally, consider offering an excellent training program paired with a generous tuition reimbursement policy to help your employees truly grow as professionals.

Following these three basic principles helps foster the kind of company culture that inspires strong efforts from your current – and future – employees.

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