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Ten Overlooked Tips for Finding a Phenomenal IT Job

When you begin looking for a job in the information technology industry, any advice or strategy needs to be considered. Of course, your résumé must be updated and professional dress for the interview is a requirement, but following a few less obvious tips may also contribute to a successful outcome. The moral of the story is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding a great technology position.

Here are a few insights you may have overlooked in your job-search efforts. Perhaps one leads to an interview and a job offer for the IT position of your dreams.

Connect With Someone From the Executive Team

Typically résumés are received by a company’s HR team at the beginning of the hiring process. Instead, consider connecting with an executive of a company that interests you and give them your résumé.

Connect With the Executive’s Assistant

Like the first tip, make a connection with the administrative assistant of an executive at your dream company. This may be an effective way to express interest and get their attention.

Don’t Immediately Apply for Every Job You Find

Whenever you find a potentially great IT job online, make the effort to research the company before applying. This insures a good cultural fit; saving you time in the long run.

Practice Your Body Language During Interview Prep

Sure, interview practice is important during a job search, but make sure you focus on your body language when practicing. Try to avoid fidgeting while making natural eye contact and keeping a confident and relaxed posture.

Find a Position for the Long Term

Don’t focus on only finding positions offering immediate career gratification. Take a long-term view and consider roles where you can add value over time to the company in question, especially startups.

Use a Blog to Find a Job

If you don’t already have a blog, consider publishing one to position yourself as a thought leader in IT. Leverage this publicity when it comes time to find a new technology position.

Interact With the Company Using Social Media

Follow the company’s Twitter account; like their Facebook page, and connect with them on LinkedIn. Interact with their posts in a positive and insightful manner to get noticed.

Contact Your Alumni Association

Don’t forget the alumni association at your alma mater as a resource during a job search. Your former professors are another potential source of job openings.

Create Your Own IT Position

If you can’t find the perfect technology position, summon your entrepreneurial spirit and create your own. The world of IT is known for innovation, so take your great idea, put together a business plan and start a business.

Partner With a Leading Technology Staffing Agency

A partnership with a top IT staffing agency in your area is a smart strategy when embarking on a job search.

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