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Five Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Career

A career in the technology industry offers many benefits to your professional life. Expect a never-ending opportunity to learn and use innovative technologies and methodologies, while working with some of the sharpest minds in the business world. A salary well above the average – minimal economic downturns as well – is another plus of an IT career.

If this sounds intriguing to you, here are a few insights on how to achieve a dream career in the high tech world. Good luck on your job search!

Craft an Easy-To-Read Résumé

Technology hiring managers typically receive hundreds of résumés after advertising an open position. Because of this cold hard fact, they only spend a minute or two on each candidate. Develop a clear résumé that highlights your tangible work experience and clearly states your skills and abilities and limit your CV to two pages at the most!

Develop a Professional Online Presence

A LinkedIn account is a must for any professional, especially those working in the technology industry. Treat it like an online version of your résumé – keep it up to date and easy to follow. Become active in groups and forums specific to your area of interest, as that is a great way to learn about the hottest emerging technologies as well as network with fellow pros.

Research Your “Dream” High-Tech Companies

Fully research the IT organizations where you want to work. Connect with them on social media, and interact with their current employees on LinkedIn. You may learn about an open position before the general public, and be able to ask a meaningful question or two about the company when interviewing with them.

Practice Your Interviewing Techniques

Speaking of a technology job interview, practicing your interviewing skills gives you a better chance at earning a job offer. Work on speaking clearly and confidently, maintaining good body language, as well as making natural eye contact. Once again, research the company in question – in addition to your own professional history – to ensure this information stays top-of-mind during the interview.

Partner With an Experienced IT Recruiter

A partnership with a talented recruiter specializing in technology definitely helps you land your dream IT position. The best recruiters understand the latest in high tech and also know what companies are looking for talented pros. It definitely makes the job search an easier process.

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