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Gone but Not Forgotten – How (and When!) to Follow up After a Job Interview

A great résumé and well-considered cover letter earned you a job interview with a leading technology company in area. You felt things went well and are hoping to receive an offer or possibly a callback for a second interview. Following up with the company in question is the plan, but you are unsure about the most professional way to proceed.

Here are a few strategies on the post-interview follow-up. Leverage these insights to ensure your job search ends up as a successful one.

Find out the Company’s Hiring Timeline

A smart strategy is to inquire about the company’s decision timeline before the end of the interview. This gives you an indication about when you’ll hear back either with an offer or another interview. You’ll have a better idea on when to follow-up with the interviewer or potentially someone else within their organization.

If they explicitly state – “no follow-ups” – respect their wishes and remain patient.

Follow up – but stay Polite and Professional

A quick thank-you note to the interviewer within a day of your meeting is a nice touch. Get their contact information, and use the same medium you originally contacted for any follow-ups – their business email address typically works best. Never use their personal contact information to follow up.

Keep a professional air throughout any post-interview contact – politeness is important.

Respect the Company’s Timeline When Contacting Them

If you haven’t heard back from the company and their deadline for making a hiring decision has passed, sending one follow-up inquiry is acceptable at this juncture. Don’t mention not hearing back from them; simply ask about the status of any final decision. Remember what we said about politeness and professionalism!

One follow-up note – in addition to your thank-you message – is typically enough contact to make after an interview. If you feel like sending a second follow-up message at least two weeks after their original deadline, this is acceptable. Chances are good they went in a different direction, but thanking them again for the opportunity never hurts.

Don’t be a Pest!

Contacting them a few times each week makes you seem like a pest – never do this! The technology world is small, and you never know when you will get another opportunity to interview with the same company or perhaps the same interviewer working somewhere else.

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