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Hiring a Geotechnical Engineer? Six Traits to Look for.

Related to civil engineering, geotechnical engineers focus on analyzing the conditions of the subsurface, leveraging their background in soil and rock mechanics. This expertise is invaluable on a variety of construction, mining or drilling projects – in short, anything with an underground component. Finding candidates with this specialized talent requires knowing the specific skills and experience typical of geotechnical engineering.

With a successful hiring process in mind, here are a few traits possessed by the most talented geotechnical engineers in the industry. Good luck in finding the perfect candidate for your company!

The Right Educational Background

Geotechnical engineers typically boast at least a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, geology engineering or geotechnical engineering. Finding someone with a master’s degree combined with at least five years of professional experience is a worthy goal.

A Professional Engineering Certification

Depending on the specific requirements of your open position or current project work, finding candidates certified as professional engineers is important. This ensures they possess the right combination of technical ability, experience and ethics.

The Right Experience for Your Specific Role

Geotechnical engineers can work on a wide range of project types. If your company is in the oil industry, an engineer who’s only worked on inner-city road construction projects with no drilling experience may not be the right fit.

Familiarity With Industry Standards and Protocols

An experienced geotechnical engineer needs to be familiar with a variety of industry standards, including any specific protocols used on your company’s projects. This comes into play on road construction projects, as departments of transportation throughout the country maintain their own protocols.

Strong Communication Skills

Geotechnical engineers typically work with a wide array of people; anyone from an internal marketing representative to a client’s public affairs spokesperson. As such, strong verbal and written communication skills are needed in this highly collaborative environment. The latter skill also matters when writing design and engineering documents.

Experience With the Software Tools of the Trade

Familiarity with design software, like AutoCAD, as well as any applications typically used by geotechnical engineers (MSEW, RESSA, L-Pile, Plaxis, FLAC), is a must for any candidate. Proficiency in general business software, such as Microsoft Office, is also relevant.

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