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Interviewing for a Civil Engineering Job? Six Interview Questions to Expect.

Congratulations on earning an interview for a civil engineering role at a top company in your area. Obviously, a well-written résumé detailing your meaningful professional experience played a part in being chosen from a list of quality candidates. Time spent in interview preparation is a must to ensure you get that coveted job offer.

With your interview success in mind, here are a few questions you can expect to be asked when meeting face to face with the company. Keep a positive attitude and go get that job!

Expect a Math Questions

Expect to be asked to solve a mathematical equation or two during your interview. In some instances, the company wants to gauge your knowledge of common formulas used in civil engineering. They are also interested in observing your process when solving problems.

Describe Your Single Greatest Professional Accomplishment.

Engineering companies want to understand the positive impact you will make for their firm. Being asked to describe the greatest professional accomplishment in your career is a strong possibility. Tangible details are vital!

Are You a Team Player?

Collaboration is becoming increasingly important in all STEM disciplines. Civil engineering companies want to employ team players – large egos need not apply.

Written and Verbal Communication Skills.

Engineering companies value technical ability, but communication skills – both verbal and written – are also required. They can gauge your speaking ability during the interview, but expect to be asked whether you’ve had any papers published in the field. Being capable of crafting clear designs and other project documentation is also important.

Leveraging Analytical Techniques to Define and Solve Problems

An analytical mind is important for an engineer. The interviewer will likely frame a few questions trying to determine your process for solving complex issues that go beyond a simple mathematical equation. Study the problem-solving successes from your work history.

Expect the Chance to Ask Your Own Questions

Research the company before the interview. When prompted to ask questions of your own, take advantage of this opportunity to show off your research skills.

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