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How to Respond to a Job Offer (and Four Bonus Tips on Offer Negotiation!)

Congratulations are in order for receiving a job offer! All the hard work crafting a winning résumé and practicing your interviewing techniques has paid off. First things first, though – the company now wants a response.

Responding to your potential new employer in an honest and forthright manner, while negotiating for an extra perk or two, takes a deft approach. Here are a few ideas and insights to ensure it goes as successfully as the rest of your job search. Soon, a great new technology position will be yours!

Ask for a Few Days to Contemplate Their Offer

Most reputable companies won’t demand an immediate answer to their job offer. So don’t feel shy about asking for a few days before responding to them. They usually understand the importance of your decision.

Justify Any Demands While Negotiating

When asking for a higher salary or additional PTO during the negotiation process, be sure to make the effort to justify your demands. Restate the successes and tangible differences you’ve made throughout your work history. Try to negotiate in a friendly manner, as you don’t want to be perceived as arrogant.

Remind Them of Your Interest in the Position

While negotiating, remind the company of your continued interest in their open position. Compliment them on the positive aspects of their organization. Sure, you may want a slightly better offer, but that’s why this is a negotiation.

Never Lie When Negotiating

The company may ask you a question or two when negotiating the final offer. They probably want to know if you have any other pending offers or if their organization is your top choice. Don’t lie at this point in the process. Be honest, but don’t give away any negotiating advantage.

Negotiate the Entire Offer at Once – Not Each Individual Issue

Handle all the issues at once during the negotiation phase. Don’t agree on a salary amount and then ask for an extra week of PTO. Be upfront about all your negotiating points, while rating them in their overall importance to you. This ensures the last part of the hiring process goes smoothly.

Make sure you consider these tips ahead of time, so you can formulate your talking points as well as any answers to questions about offers from other organizations.

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