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Five Tips for Finding a Great Chemist Job in New Jersey and Beyond

Whatever your reason for looking for a new chemist job, it helps to create a plan and focus on its execution. The improving economy means the competition for the best positions in the field remains fierce. A great skill set and a copious amount of professional experience only gets you part of the way to a new position.

With a successful chemical industry job search in mind, here are a few tips for finding a top-notch new position as a chemist. Good luck in your job hunt!

Create a Plan for Your Job Search

Going into the job search process without proper planning lessens your chances at a successful outcome. Document all the steps in the plan using a word processor or spreadsheet and keep it updated as your progress through your efforts. Additionally, update your résumé and have a friend check it for spelling and grammatical errors.

Develop Your Online Presence

Creating a LinkedIn account and treating it as an online version of your résumé is a must for anyone working in the chemical industry. Follow companies you are interested in working for –in New Jersey or anywhere else in the country. Connect and interact with their employees to find out more about their company culture.

Attend Conferences and Other Industry-Related Events

Make it a point to attend any chemistry conferences and other industry showcases in your local area. This offers an opportunity to meet companies in person and exchange business cards. You never know when a chance meeting will lead to an interview opportunity.

Interview Practice is Important

When you earn an interview with a promising chemical company, be sure to spend time practicing your interviewing skills. This includes speaking clearly, making natural eye contact and showing positive body language. Research the company in question so you are able to ask an insightful question or two when prompted.

Work With a Talented Recruiter

A partnership with an experienced recruiter specializing in the chemical industry is a smart call when beginning any job search. They can help edit your résumé and ensure your interviewing skills are top-notch. The best recruiters also know about open positions before the general public.

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